Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fr. Bernard on Entering the Desert

Br. Stephen posts Fr. Bernard's sermon for the first Sunday in Lent:

Jesus followed the call of the Spirit into the desert. As monks, we too have heard this same call. We are called into the desert wastelands in order to find (within?) a verdant paradise with flowing springs, pools, and prolific life. We have come to the monastery to do interior battle, to be purified, and to simply be alone with the one who has called. We know we can go nowhere else – that would be only to flee the call of the Spirit. We have heard the Good News, and it is here, in the monastery, that we have taken up the charge to reform our lives and serve our King and friend.

The moaning winds that sweep across the desert of our souls stir up the dust of memories past. We can choose to follow them, only to find ourselves lost – chasing after wind. Or we can let them pass and discover in their wake a bubbling spring that has been uncovered by the erosion of persevering vigilance.
Read the whole sermon here.

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