Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glenn Beck and Social Justice

Since we don't have cable (and since I find his style a little off-putting), I don't really follow Glenn Beck and so don't have any context for his remarks last week on social justice. (See here for one reaction, also containing a link to the audio.) Taken at face value, it does strike me that at the very least they could have used a little more nuance.

The Church after all does have a certain amount of teaching on the subject of social justice. If (as I suspect) what he really means is a certain politicization of the Christian concept of social justice which puts the Second Great Commandment ahead of the First Great Commandment, and which delegates to the government all of our charitable responsibilities, then I'm inclined to agree with him. Also, there have been certain utopian tendencies in some quarters that seem determined to bring about the Kingdom here and now—even if a few heads have to be knocked to do it—that have caused nothing but trouble in recent history. I'm guessing that's what he's referring to when he picks on progressives.

If all that's the case, I wish he'd been a little clearer, instead of painting with such a broad brush.

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