Friday, March 5, 2010

John Allen on Archbishop Chaput

H/T Catholic News Service:

In a post today on his All Things Catholic blog, John Allen talks about Archbishop Chaput and his recent speeches on health care, Christians in public life, and Catholic public education:

In an era in which institutional authority of all sorts has collapsed, a religious leader who wants to move opinion has to compete in a secular marketplace of ideas. Chaput does, rarely invoking “because the church says so” as an argument. In a brief talk recently on Catholic education, for instance, he never cited Ex Corde Ecclesiae, but rather Francis Fukuyama, Bill Joy and Neil Postman, with Augustine thrown in for good measure. He called on Catholic universities to beef up their religious identity, not because the pope decreed it, but because a society of great technological prowess and a weak moral compass needs it.
Read the whole piece here.

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