Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meditation on the Crucifix

A lovely meditation on the crucifix by the Anchoress.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I liked what was said here, "When we look at the Crucifix we see that there is no human situation that Jesus did not come to know. Feel betrayed? Feel humiliated? Being mocked and sneered at? Feel abandoned? Feel unjustly hurt? Feel loss? There, on that crucifix is the God who has known every one of those feelings, and has submitted to them – in order to save us, but also in order to draw us near, to gather us into a consolation, a consoling embrace that says…“I know what you’re feeling…I know what you’re thinking…we are actually all in this together, and quite outside of time.”

    As painful as our suffering can be, how much more infinitely painful must the suffering of our God be at how we reject Him? And how much consolation is it for us to consider that the greatest rejection and suffering we might face has already been borne by Christ Our Savior?

    Thanks for this post!