Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Modern Culture and the Tower of Babel

Anthony Esolen at The Catholic Thing:

Muggeridge was grateful that the less degenerate side won that war.  He was also quite happy to live in Britain (and for a few years in the United States, which he did not enjoy) rather than in the drab misery of the Soviet Union.  But, like Solzhenitsyn, whom he admired, he saw that the West and the East had made the same mistake. 
Each “culture,” if we may dignify the masses of the West or the collectives of the East with that name, was based upon vulgar materialism.  One form was, surely, more pleasant and less obviously inhumane than the other, but it amounted to the same thing in the end: a heap of broken stones, and babbling incoherence. 
The account of the Tower of Babel, so concise, is the story of communist Russia, Nazi Germany, the British Empire, and the United States – if we have indeed no firmer foundation than the pursuit of power, wealth, and prestige.  The builders of Babel wanted to make “a name” for themselves: and I defy the greatest novelist of our age to pack as much insight into two little words, as our sacred author has done.
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